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Launch of Our New Business

I’m a problem solver with over 20 years of high tech work experience.Such as: Running a 10 bay Goodyear auto service center.(Gemini) Managing employees and customers in a high profile forum. Teaching automotive troubleshooting. Goodyear is one of the fairest and most competent company’s out there.That’s why their fees are high,cause you do get what you pay for. The dealerships, ( I have also worked for ) are the specialists for their make of vehicles, and are the most expensive. Don’t get me wrong.Your vehicle will eventually have to go to the repair shop,someday. I would like to start a website that helps the consumer from being at the mercy of the repair shop . I offer  advise about any automotive issues.I also have an AA in applied sciences. I am a certified electronic technician so I would like to expand my askautopete web page I haven’t built yet,to include consumer electronic devises. Don’t go to the big company’s first,if I can narrow your problems down.I can lower your big company bills.So You should know,before you go. Thanks, Pete Flynn

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