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ASKAUTOPETE.COM  Is a website that gives YOU  (the consumer)  An alternative to  just Driving or Towing your vehicle  to a Repair Shop.
     I’ve seen thousands of automotive  issues and have noticed that many repairs are quite simple,so you shouldn’t have to pay the repair shop hundreds          and sometimes thousands of dollars to fix your car.    
   I OFFER SIMPLE ANSWERS TO COMPLICATED PROBLEMS.   Dealerships charge $89 an hour to just look at your vehicle. This is called Diagnostic Labor charges. If you decline the repair,you still have to pay,then shop around for a better price.
80% of time, it is something simple. But THEY like to use Big words to explain what they did,so you think your getting your moneys worth. Sometimes we do need professional equipment to repair your vehicle.
But KNOWING If your going to the REPAIR SHOP is what MY WEBSITE is all about .And best of all its FREE
    Car wont start?
Lights don’t work?
Check engine light on?
Brake problems?
Alignment issues?
Need tires?
Tell me what problems you are having.
Tell me when it started.
Tell me how often it happens.
Tell me the make, model and engine size of your vehicle.
And I will have more questions for you,so that I can better assist you.
I like to eliminate the working  systems. So I can focus on the non working systems.


Contact my websiteASKAUTOPETE.COM
You can also contact me by Email

 Thank You. Peter F. Flynn

stom WebSite Editor.

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  1. askautopete
    February 18, 2012

    Thanks for the help. Any other advise would be appreciated.


  2. askautopete
    February 18, 2012

    I’m trying to post my web page but I don’t know how.


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